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Jasen is a company with 60 years of tradition in the manufacture of high quality furniture. The company has been successfully privatized at the beginning of 2007, and since then a lot was done towards achieving the highest European standards, as well as a new visual identity.

Furniture produced by Jasen is characterized by the highest quality and most ergonomic design, fitted to create a cosy ambience. All furniture models are available in a variety of materials and colors, harmonizing perfectly with any given space.
Located at the corner of Juzni Bulevar and Maxim Gorky street lays a show room and exhibition spot unlike any other in Serbia.
It depicts the new spirit of Jasen, where the choice and purchase of furniture represent an genuine pleasure.

While during the day this space is a modern furniture show room, at evenings it doubles as a futuristic party venue for up to 200 visitors - due to special light effects and tod drawer PMC loudspeakers.
Promotions Furniture fairs
We are constantly sending message to our future customers, about what's new in our company with different kinds of promotion. We appear on every event that we think our furniture will make a statement: Delta City, TC Ušće, Belgrade Design Week, Fashion Week, Architecture Week, Arena Belgrade, fairs, etc. The key event in the newer history of Jasen is the exposition at the Belgrade Furniture Fair in 2007. After more than half decade of absence, Jasen has shown its production and for the first time in the company's history was awarded with The Golden Key (the most prestigious award) and The quality Diploma (for ergonomic and modern design). Our stand is recognizable by its design and peculiarity, and stands at the center of Hall 1.


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