Quality and quality control
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With the aim of achieving absolute quality in our products, during September 2008 we have introduced a multi-phase quality control system, efficient in finding eventual flaws, preventing all but the highest quality furniture to pass thru all control spots on theis way to the customer.

The complex control system is divided into 3 phases:
- INPUT CONTROL - control of raw materials entering the warehouses,
- PROCESS CONTROL - performed on several predefined spots along the production line, eliminating the pieces that do not fulfill defined standards,
- FINISHED PRODUCTS CONTROL - final control of the assembled products, as well as the packing process, in order to maximize protection during transportation to the customer.

Final touch
o produkcijiAll Jasen models are manufactured in the range of over 50 different types of leather and over 300 kinds of fabrics and eco-leather, and massive wood is available in over 20 colors and subtle shades. In order to offer only the best to the customers, we import leather dressing directly from our suppliers in the Netherlands and Italy, in order to provide to our consumers with a types of leather that have not been available in the local market.
All fabrics and eco-leather that we use are also the best in its class, and with efficient manufacturing process we can provide that all pieces of furniture are available to consumers at affordable prices.
Surface wood treatment is done in a way that allows customer to see clearly the natural texture of wood, and actually can be felt even by touch. Upholstered elements are processed and assembled with great care, so they can look as new after prolonged and intensive period of use.


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